Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dark Knight Makeover & video

Yep, I did it.   Just made a pitiful excuse of a video of one of my soaps being made, lol!  I usually run & hide from any cameras in the area so this was REALLY out of my happy comfort zone.  I think I may need to figure out how to use the webcam if i am going to do any more, you will see why if you watch! Sticking to my diet a little better looks like a good option too!  The soap turned out pretty cool looking and i cant wait to cut it and see what the inside looks like.  Its a Faux funnel swirl in a slab mold with 3 colors.  The red is from Australian Red Reef clay and the black is activated bamboo charcoal.  The scent is Drakar.  In the past this soap was black and white swirl pictured below

Below is the picture of the new Dark knight in the mold, I'll post the cut pics in a couple days
and the video..........

I have another one I also made after this one of the Rosemary Nettle Shampoo bar being made but we will save that for another time.....

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